Equipment Attachments from Reliable Equipment Rental

Equipment Attachment Rental

At Reliable Equipment Rental, we have a wide variety of high-quality, name-brand equipment in stock for all your rental needs. If you need a specific attachment for your residential or commercial project, we can equip you with the necessary machine to get the job done.

Serving the Augusta, GA area as well as the Charleston, SC area, our equipment professionals can provide you expert advice on finding the right machine for your project.

Hydraulic Breaker

Also known as jack hammer attachment, breaker, concrete breaker, this attachment is designed to break up heavy-duty material such as concrete and rock.  Our hydraulic breaker attachments come in a variety of sizes and can go on either a track loader or an excavator.


Harley Rake

Also known as a soil conditioner or power rake, the Harley rake is the perfect tool for seed bed and sod bed preparation. The rotary drum on the power box rake pulverizes rough soil, cuts high spots and fills low spots in one pass. Pure carbide teeth design produces the best possible seeded sub-soil, which promotes superior moisture retention and rapid seed growth.



High-torque, heavy-duty drive system guarantees performance in any soil condition from rock to clay. Dig trenches up to 42″ below grade and up to 6” wide.  Ideal for phone, cable TV, electrical, plumbing and irrigation projects.



This hydraulic skid steer attachment is known for quick earth drilling.  It’s ideal for building fences, decks, and planting trees.  We offer bits ranging from 12” all the way up to 36”.


Pallet Fork Attachment

Most commonly used for moving palletized materials such as sod, the skid steer fork attachment can be used to move or load many heavy objects including boulders, small dumpsters and more on a variety of job sites.



One of the most popular skid steer attachments, the grapple bucket is a wonderful tool for removing debris, brush, rocks and logs from a jobsite.  It’s also great for clearing, landscaping, demolition & ground maintenance.


Root Grapple

Like the grapple bucket, the root grapple is used for removing debris, brush and logs from a jobsite.  The root grapple uses spacing between the bottom tines to allow dirt to pass through while still collecting branches and debris.  It’s ideal for jobs such as land clearing, landscaping, demolition, construction, rental or buildings and grounds maintenance. 


Versa Rake

The versa rake is the ultimate surface prep tool for job site clean-up and landscape preparation.  It uses free rotating adjustable spaced bars to both sift material and facilitate material spreading and landscaping.  It has the capabilities of a rock bucket, screening bucket and land plane/grader all in one.


4 n 1 Bucket

Also known as a clam bucket, the 4 n 1 bucket is one of the most useful attachments you can rent for a compact loader.  Because of it’s design the sides and bottom of the bucket can separate from the back.  It’s used for dozing, land leveling, grappling, dumping, digging, grading and many other applications.


Brush Cat

Designed for mulching small branches and saplings up to 3” in diameter and cuts through the thickest grass and brush.  Ideal for clearing trails or construction sites as well as controlling brush and undergrowth.


Forestry Mulcher

These high-flow attachments are designed for heavy-duty land clearing and can mulch existing trees up to 6” in diameter.  They get their name from the cylindrical drum that comes equipped with 45 carbide faced teeth.


Ground Shark

Like the forestry mulcher, the Ground Shark is designed to clear heavy brush and existing trees up to 6”.  But instead of a drum it has a ¼” steel deck with ¾” thick high-grade steel blades on the bottom.


Bush Hog

This tractor attachment is designed for rough cut mowing to clear land for farming, hunting, development and other uses.


Examples of our Rental Equipment

To the left are just a few examples of our rental equipment. Our team of equipment experts is ready to offer you their valuable insights to help you choose the right equipment for your specific project needs.