Compaction Equipment from Reliable Equipment Rental

Earth Compaction Equipment Rental

At Reliable Equipment Rental, we have a wide variety of high-quality, name-brand equipment in stock for all your rental needs. Whether you need a small tamp for your residential project or a large vibratory roller for a commercial project, we can equip you with the necessary machine to get the job done.

Serving the Augusta, GA area as well as the Charleston, SC area, our equipment professionals can provide you expert advice on finding the right machine for your project.

Jumping Jack Tamp

Also known as Rammer Tamp, the jumping jack tamp is suitable for compacting trenches, around poles, back fill around foundations and in size restricted places.


Plate Tamp

​Also known as a pan tamp or flat tamp, plate tamps are walk behind compactors used to compact gravel, sand or soil on a small scale using impact, vibration, and kneading.


Trench Roller

A trench roller is ideal for the compaction of utility and pipeline trenches and other construction projects.  The padfoot drums are completely clear on the sides so it can be driven along the trench wall.  They also come with modern technology that allows them to be remote-controlled for added safety and convenience.


Single Drum Roller – 54″, 66″, 84″

​Also called a base roller, are available with a smooth or pad foot drum.  These rollers are used to compact loose foundation, such as soil, gravel, asphalt, and bituminous materials and are primarily used for construction or agriculture applications. The rolling process ensures that foundations are compacted thoroughly so the materials are solid and do not come loose.


Double Drum Roller

Also called an asphalt roller, double drum rollers are used to compact soil, pavement, gravel & asphalt on parking lots, streets, driveways and more.  The dual-drum drive and articulated steering makes for solid maneuverability.


Examples of our Rental Equipment

To the left are just a few examples of our rental equipment. Our team of equipment experts is ready to offer you their valuable insights to help you choose the right equipment for your specific project needs.