Excavators from Reliable Equipment Rental

Excavators for Rent

At Reliable Equipment Rental, we have a wide variety of high-quality, name-brand equipment in stock for all your rental needs. If you need an excavator for your residential or commercial project, we can equip you with the necessary machine to get the job done.

Serving the Augusta, GA area as well as the Charleston, SC area, our equipment professionals can provide you expert advice on finding the right machine for your project.

Micro Mini Excavator

Our micro mini excavators weigh only 2500 lbs and come with an ultra-compact design making it an ideal machine for those confined job sites.  It has a diesel engine and a max digging depth of 5’9”.


Mini Excavator

Perfect for trenching, backfilling, and digging on the more confined job sites.  Many of our standard mini excavators also come equipped with a thumb making them ideal for loading debris.


Mid-Sized Excavator

With greater horsepower, powerful hydraulics and a larger footprint our mid-sized excavators are more capable and better suited for applications requiring greater production and efficiency.


Full-Sized Excavator

Our larger excavators are a great tool for standard clearing, leveling and grading, trenching and digging applications.  With 114hp and a digging depth of almost 18’ these excavators deliver the productivity needed on large scale construction sites.


Full-Sized Excavator (Metal Tracks)

With 165 horsepower and weighing 53,000 lbs this is our largest and most powerful excavator in our fleet.  It has a digging depth of 21’ 9” and comes equipped with metal tracks.  The more aggressive tread pattern offers more traction on hills and uneven surfaces as well as wet or muddy job sites.  The metal tracks are also a better choice for job sites with sharp debris.