Concrete Equipment from Reliable Equipment Rental

Concrete Equipment Rental

At Reliable Equipment Rental, we have a wide variety of high-quality, name-brand equipment in stock for all your rental needs. Whether you need an electric concrete breaker or a handheld saw for your residential or commercial project, we can equip you with the necessary machine to get the job done.

Serving the Augusta, GA area as well as the Charleston, SC area, our equipment professionals can provide you expert advice on finding the right machine for your project.

Pneumatic Concrete Breaker

Also Known as a Jack Hammer, Breaker, Air Chisel, a pneumatic concrete breaker or jackhammer is a portable percussive drill powered by compressed air. It is used to break up pavement or rock, among other applications.  They are lighter compared to the electric breaker and more energy efficient.  They also tend to be faster and more powerful.  Comes in 15#, 30#, 60# or 90#.

Electric Concrete Breaker

If you don’t have access to an air compressor then we also offer an electric jack hammer.  It’s equipped with a 15-amp motor that provides maximum power and overload protection.  It also has active vibration control which reduces vibration felt by the operator at the rubber coated handles.  They come in 60#.

Handheld Concrete Saw

Also known as a hand saw, concrete cutter or chop saw, our concrete saws have much to offer the homeowner and the construction worker alike. A hand-held saw cuts up to 4 5/8” deep and, depending on the blade, can cut brick, block, concrete, metal, or asphalt.  Most of ours are gas powered but we do offer an electric handheld saw for those inside jobs where ventilation is limited.

Walk Behind Concrete Saw

Also known as a floor saw, floor chop saw or push concrete saw, our walk-behind concrete saws are self-propelled and can cut up to 6 5/8”.  Its power/size ratio makes it an extremely versatile and super-productive saw in all cutting applications.

Concrete Vibrator

The concrete vibrator is used to eliminate bubbles or cracks in curing concrete.  We offer a 1” and 2” width.

Rotary Hammer Drill

When the job isn’t quite big enough for a jack hammer we’ve got a small, easy-to-use rotary hammer drill.  Built for chiseling or drilling through concrete in those tight areas.

Handheld Core Drill

This easy-to-use, lightweight core drill is designed to extract a core of up to 6” in diameter.  Drill openings for plumbing, electrical wiring, HVAC ducts & vents with a handheld concrete core drill.

Stand Mounted Core Drill

For steady and secure concrete coring we offer a stand mounted core drill that can be bolted to a floor, wall or ceiling.  It’s ideal for cutting through thick slabs, reinforced concrete walls & more.  We have a variety of bit sizes ranging from 2” up to 16”.

Concrete Buggy

The Concrete Buggy, also known as a Georgia Buggy or Power Buggy, is ideal for hauling concrete or landscaping materials across your jobsite, especially if space is an issue.  Our Georgia Buggies also come equipped with tracks making it easy to move through muddy or wet conditions.

Examples of our Rental Equipment

To the left are just a few examples of our rental equipment. Our team of equipment experts is ready to offer you their valuable insights to help you choose the right equipment for your specific project needs.